Are you a sinner in the hands of a HANGRY GOD?

You know hanger. It’s that thing when you’re way past hungry and are ready to hurt somebody if you don’t get fed soon.

That’s how people have seen God throughout history. He’s hungry, he’s mad and he needs our sacrifices to simmer down.
Of course, as Christians we know that’s not who he is.
Or do we?
Sometimes I wonder. It seems that it’s the people who actually are in danger of falling into the hands of the living God (Hebrews 10) that are footloose and fancy free while the ones of us who are actively seeking to follow Jesus, and be like him, live in condemnation.
That’s messed up.
If we belong to Him and have set ourselves to follow Him, perhaps stumbling all along the way, He isn’t taking a posture of anger toward us.
Instead he invites us to join with him, taking on his light and easy yoke, learning how to live as he lives and do what he does, as an apprentice, who doesn’t know everything yet. Who may not know anything, but who is loved much.
You don’t know how to do something? Ask him how. You can’t forget your past? Ask him how. You can’t get past that pain? Ask him how.
You feel shame? Ask him to carry that on his side of the yoke. It’s what he came to do. Your side is supposed to be the light side.
I know all that can be kind of nebulous – how does one actually do all that? It starts with conversation and simply asking. You might be surprised what he shows you or what ideas come or what lightness your heart can feel.
How do you see him? Do you see him as angry? Do you see him as disappointed? Do you see love? Do you see mercy? Do you see he wants to help you – is he your advocate?
It just makes such a huge difference.